Wildwood Botanical is a family owned and run small business based in Sydney, Australia. We are dedicated and passionate about creating 100% natural skincare products that are good for you and your skin. We believe that skincare should be clean and simple and it is our goal to share with others the beauties that nature and botanicals provide us. Taking care of the environment and making better choices for our packaging is important to us which is why you will find our packaging to be recyclable and sustainable.


100% Natural - Toxin Free - Sustainable - Handmade in Small Batches - Free from Artificial Fragrances & Colourants - Plant Based - Vegan Friendly



Our unique soap formula is made up by using the highest quality and sustainable plant oils, butters and natural additives. The key oils and butters in our soaps include: Australian Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Australian Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Castor Oil. Our soap are coloured with Natural Clays and scented with pure Essential Oils.

Did you know that we solar infuse some of the oils to use in our soaps? Solar infusion allows the sun to gently heat up the oil and release the all of the skin loving goodness from within the dried botanicals into the oil, which we then use to make our soaps.


Our Skincare Range is clean and filled with natural botanical ingredients that are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that work to cleanse, detox and nourish your skin. Without any hidden nasties. 


Our Mineral Bath Soaks have been formulated to give you the ultimate and relaxing bath experience. The Key ingredients in our Bath Soaks include: Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Clays, Dried Botanicals and Pure Essential Oils. All of our ingredients have been chosen to relax and soothe your muscles, calm your mind, nourish your skin and detox your body.


The ingredients we have chosen to use in our products have been tried and tested by us after researching their origins and how they have been made. It is important for us to first of all support as many Australian farmers as possible. Where we have been able to source Australian farmed ingredients straight from the source, we have done that. We also make sure to look for Organic ingredients where possible. Not all ingreidnts can be certified organic due to the origin however we have made sure that they are the best of the best. Finally we make sure that the ingredients we choose are made sustainably and are sustainable so they are not affecting the environment. For example: Our Hemp Seed Oil, is farmed by Aussie farmers and is one of the most sustainable crops in the world. It's Fast growing, uses less water, regenerates the soil, purifies the air by removing 4 times more CO2 than tress and its AMAZING for your skin. To us, what we use and who we support matters and we hope that you can see and feel the way these ingredients makes our products luxurious.

Wildwood Botanical was born from a passion and lifestyle change inspired by our beautiful twin girls. In 2018 our daughters were born and I, like many mothers, experienced the sudden urge to do everything I could to protect these precious little ones. We also had the very challenging task of dealing with and trying to work out the root cause for the eczema they suffered. We discovered the secret world of toxic ingredients found and hidden in cleaning and personal care products and after learning that companies were allowed to hide ingredients from their customers, we knew that we needed to go back to the basics. That was the beginning of a journey that I would take to make our home as safe as possible by removing the toxins and turning towards plant based products. I started making my own products from scratch and after seeing a gap in the market for high quality, simple yet effective skincare that uses what nature has to offer, I decided to create and provide my own skincare products. And if you were curious, by removing the toxins and making our own plant based products at home, our girls' eczema went away!

When I discovered the world of soap making, I was in awe of the process and had to try it for myself. I loved being able to have full control of what I could put into our soaps and myself being passionate about using 100% natural, no hidden nasties and high quality ingredients, I was able to create the most perfectly formulated face and body bars that cleanse, nourish and moisturise the skin.

I am proud of what we have formulated, created and achieved so far and I hope you are able to see the love and attention we put into every bar of soap and every other product we make. It is our wish that you experience true, 100% natural, skin-loving botanical infused soaps, bath and skincare products that you are able to fall in love with just as I did.

With love,

Jess & Family



Wildwood Botanical creates handmade soaps using the traditional cold process method that provides a rich and nourishing soap bar. We use high quality oils and butters, pure essential oils and natural clays to create our luxurious bars that gently cleanse and moisturise your skin.

This process requires a lot of time to prepare for and once a batch is made, the soaps need to cure for 4-6 weeks before they arrive to your home. This allows all of the water inside the soap to evaporate giving you a high quality and 100% natural soap bar.

WHAT IS LYE? Also known as Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide, is a crucial ingredient in soap making and has been used in the soap making process for centuries. Cold process soap is made by combining oils and lye together which causes a chemical reaction called saponification. The product created by the saponification reaction is glycerin and soap. Chemically, soap is an alkali salt of fatty acids. Without Lye there is no soap but here’s the best part! After the saponification process has finished, there is ZERO lye left over in the soap. You are left with a beautiful and 100% natural botanical soap.


Our soaps contain zero preservatives and are made using 100% natural ingredients.

To ensure your soaps last longer and store well please follow these steps:

- Allow your soap to dry between uses and use a well draining soap dish

- Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity

- Because we use pure essential oils and not artificial fragrances to scent our soaps you may find over time if you keep extra soaps for the future, the scent may fade. This is because the scent on the outside won't hold very well over time but after the first few uses the scent will come back.

- If your soaps get a little soft, don't worry. Just set them aside to dry for a day or 2 to allow the water to evaporate and the bar to get hard again.

Be sure to store any extra soaps in an area that doesn't get too warm, damp or humid to ensure that they last for a long time and in perfect condition. Because our soaps are made without preservatives please use within 12 month


We are conscious of our environment and are passionate about reducing as much waste as possible in our studio and in our packaging.

Our Soaps are not only natural but they are zero-waste and made using sustainable ingredients. They also allow you to help reduce single use plastic waste by using a Soap Bar instead of a bottled hand or body wash. We choose to use materials that are either recyclable, reusable or compostable for our products and our packaging. The packaging we receive when ordering supplies we save and then reuse for our wholesale orders to reduce waste where possible.

We are always looking for ways to improve to be more eco friendly and more sustainable but just know that we are passionate about taking all the steps needed in the right direction to help take better care of the environment.

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